Sunset Cliffs Photographer

Another secret proposal in Sunset Cliffs

Luis surprised Paulina as she was traveling in San Diego with her family all the way from Monterrey, Mexico. Paulina’s family brought her to Sunset Cliffs to “look at the seals” where Luis has been waiting on a cliff, with a beautiful ring (aww!)


Take notes, guys!!! And, of course, a usual reminder to my boyfriend: my ring size is 6!!! 🤣

Secret proposal at Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

Bryan and Brittany from Massachusetts were vacationing in San Diego and Bryan contacted me to help him pick a place for a secret proposal and take some pictures of that special moment for these two.

Brittany had no idea and was genuinely surprised. After being with someone for 8 years I would have lost hope if I were Brittany but this girl was in no rush.

This is probably one of the most rewarding moments about being a photographer: capturing a beautiful display of love, and I hope these pictures will help this sweet couple keep memories of that night for a long time <3

Lisa and Andre, photoshoot in Sunset Cliffs

Okay, this was one hot and wet photoshoot. Andre's vacation in San Diego to visit Lisa was coming to an end and just few days before he left on his deployment in Asia, we were able to capture some of their last summer moments together.